How to Find an Airport Career Job

There are various positions on offer when one is on the lookout for an opening in the aviation industry. Depending on your certification, expertise and ability to prove your mettle, aviation jobs can be extremely rewarding.


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    Determine the airport jobs of your interest. These will essentially include jobs related to Air Traffic controlling, Aircraft cleaning, baggage handling, managerial posts, security guards, skycap or administrative staff. All will have their relative importance so it is essential that you have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skill set to carry out the respective duties. Your education will play a key role as you begin the application procedure, but more importantly networking with the right personnel will give you the added edge over other candidates as you look to build a career.

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    Look out for the desired job openings. Search the web to gain the necessary information or locate adds in the local newspaper, magazines etc. Visit the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) website, where you will find the relevant postings from all around the country.

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    Gain industry information. This can be obtained by taking specific classes, or specializing in an aviation or airport management programme. You may be required to at least hold a diploma if you are looking for a customer service post, however, if your aim is much bigger, it is essential that you get yourself acquainted with the necessary knowledge and understanding of a particular job. If you want to become an air-hostess, complete the necessary coursework or join community colleges that offer crash courses. Having some relevant experience will certainly give you the cutting edge.

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    There are certain professional groups such as Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AAAE) which can be joined to enhance your chances of getting into the industry. As mentioned before, knowing the right people will make you appear an attractive candidate. Attend seminars and events, or even workshops to prove your willingness.

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    Update your resume by including all relevant experience that you have gathered. Also mention any reference from your previous employers, volunteer work, or even of those people who you know and have worked with in the aviation industry.  Send your application in a timely manner, and wait for the response.

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    In the meantime, prepare for the interview. It will hold significant importance as you aim to land the desired job.

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