Beginning a Career as a Freelance Writer

Beginning a career as a freelance writer either part time or full time is a good choice if you love to write. One thing about being a freelance writer is it takes allot of hard work and time. It is important to being very motivated also along with being very dedicated to being successful.

There will be times probably when you get extremely tired physically and also your eyes get tired from looking at the computer screen. There might be times when you feel not writing anything or perhaps you no words come to mind to write on the page, but you need to stay motivated.

Time and Staying Organized

You should have a set time that you write each day or at night time whichever works best for you. You should write at a time when you are able to have full attention with no distractions regarding what you are going to write about. If you manage your time the proper way then you can get more things accomplished throughout the day or night.

We need to learn to be organized through having a system set up that works best for us so that we can save our articles and other important documents so that we can find them more easy. When people are very organized then we can accomplish allot more writing therefore we are able to reduce wasted time.


I would say that setting goals is the most important thing. When we start something we have a desire to do something. We also need to have goal as to what we would like to accomplish within a certain amount of time. It can be a goal just for the week or the month or perhaps for the entire year whichever you decide.

You need to have a goal that is reasonable to accomplish, but not overwhelming either. Start out with a small goal so you aren’t overwhelmed. If you need to adjust it your goal every so often so that you handle a goal without feeling stressed out.


Don’t let other people distract you from writing. We often get distracted by things, but we need to stay on track to accomplish our goal. Time goes by real fast. We shouldn’t let friends and family distract us from accomplishing our goals. Freelance writing is a full time career also it is like any other normal business.


You have to be able to handle rejection. Rejection actually points out our weak areas that we might not be realize. We should try to make improvements to help us. We can turn our weak areas into strong areas if we work at it long enough. Please remember that sooner or later someone will eventually buy your article.

Getting Paid

In the beginning of being a freelance writer you might get offers of low amounts of money for your articles. When you keep writing then you get much better at writing and then you are able to get paid more money such as from magazines or newsletters for writing articles for them.


Many magazines publish articles submitted by freelance writers. Magazines often pay allot more money. Magazines often want to see samples of the other articles that you have written.

Cover Letters

Magazines would usually like to see a cover letter when you submit a article to them. Cover letters need to look very business like. You should include your name along with your mailing address and phone number.

Promote Yourself & Get a Website!

You need to get a website with your domain name and put your resume on there. Make sure to include your writing samples or put links to other places that you have submitted articles to. It is usually fine to just mention the name of places. Also put your contact information on your website.

You need to promote your website cause you are promoting yourself to land more work. The Idea is to get your name out there known to people through your website and also published articles in magazines and other places. The best way to do that is through the internet. You also need to get some business cards.

Improve Writing

We should always try to make improvements to help us to be able to write better. We can take writing classes. We can also go to writer groups. The internet is also a good way to improve our writing skills and get improvement tips from online message boards.

Good Luck!

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