How to Find Email Addresses on Yahoo People Search

The world has gone huge, and it is nearly impossible to keep track of all your contacts. And even if you do, you might somehow lose their contact details, and thus, you might not be able to connect with valuable friends. So what do you do if you feel like connecting with a childhood friend, whom you haven’t contacted since Grade 5, or what if you lose email address of a valuable client? Yahoo’s People Search has made it all so much easier for you. You just need to put in basic information like the person’s first and last name into Yahoo directories, and Yahoo will furnish you with their email addresses, if they have an account with Yahoo! Mail, and you even do not need to sign in to Yahoo! to do all this.


  • 1

    Open your browser, and in the URL Section, type “”, and press “Enter”.

  • 2

    Wait for the page to load. Once the page has loaded completely, it should look like something in the picture below.

  • 3

    Now, go under the “Email Search” section, and in the text fields provided, type in the First Name and the Last Name of the desired person.

  • 4

    Once you have furnished the First and Last Name, just click the “Search” button underneath.

  • 5

    A new page will load in the same window, with many suggestions having the same First and Last Names that you provided. Now you just have to scroll and find the one that you wanted in the first place.

    Note: The name in the sample is fictious, so Yahoo! People Search is not showing any results.

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