How to Find the Causes of Tinnitus

That constant humming and buzzing in your ear has a name. Tinnitus is a condition where your ears start ringing. It is quite common and almost everyone experiences it at least once in a lifetime. Tinnitus can happen in one of your ears or in both of them.  It can be accompanied by a fever, headache and dizziness to make matters worse. However, it is not a disease but a symptom of other diseases. So if you have Tinnitus, the problem might not lie just in your ears but in some other part of the body. In any case, it is very irritating and disturbs your balance. Although it disappears on its own mostly, you would definitely want it to go away the moment it arrives. However, you have to know the causes first before you move on to treatment.


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    If you start experiencing tinnitus, try to remember any unusual thing that happened with your ear. It could be exposure to loud noise which can cause the ear to vibrate and hum. Concerts and musical events can lead to tinnitus. The loud sound damages the tiny hair inside our ear cochlea. The job of these hair is to send signals to auditory nerves when they detect some form of sound. However, since they get damaged by loud noise, they send the wrong signals and the nerves detect a signal even when everything is quite. Thus the humming in your ear at all times.

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    Examine your ear for any deposition of wax. Deposition of earwax is a natural process and it protects your ear canal by trapping up the dirt that enters and also reducing infection. However, a more than needed accumulation can cause irritation in the canal and lead to tinnitus. This examination can be done by yourself at home or by a doctor at the hospital.

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    At times, tinnitus can be a result of changes in ear bone. These changes could be in the genes and carry on in the family. The abnormal bone shape causes disturbance in the ear canal and produces a humming. However, bone examinations can only be carried out by a doctor. Doctors who specialize in hearing problems are known as audiologists and will not only determine the cause but will also help you cure it.

    The doctors will also test for the diseases of which tinnitus is a usual symptom. These tests will include blood tests, CT and even MRI scans. Audio metric tests are held to judge the nature and severity of the tinnitus.

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