How to Fit a Girls Leotard

A leotard is a single piece body suit that covers the upper half of a girl’s body and is commonly used by athletes, gymnasts, acrobats, dancers and skaters. Recently, the leotard has gotten the attention of actresses and other fashion seeking personnel and is widely used as a performance costume. They are mostly worn together with a ballet skirt or bike shorts. A similar kind of product is the unitard, which also covers the legs of a girl. Due to the level of comfort and flexibility it provides, the leotard has been made compulsory for athletes and gymnasts.


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    Choose the type of leotard

    It is of utmost importance that you decide the type of leotard you need, which will eventually depend on your need - whether you require it for sports or fashion etc. Keep in mind that a leotard comes in different sizes, shapes and styles. For instance, there are sleeveless, long-sleeved and short-sleeved styles and then there is a unitard, which also covers the lower body.

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    Try different styles

    In order to get the best leotard, you must visit numerous stores to explore your options. You must consider going to a store that offers pantyhose and tights along with leotards. Not to mention that sports leotards are usually more colourful, stylish and appealing.

    You should prefer a good fitting suit, one that does not hang loose, but does not suffocate you either because it is too tight. If you are going to wear a leotard along with your pants, then you must choose a suitable one.

    Note that a sleeveless or short-sleeved leotard with a long back cut is more appealing as compared to a full sleeved one. It is strongly advised that you take note of the level of exposure you are comfortable and purchase a suitable leotard.

    Once you have selected a few, use the changing room to try them all before you decide to purchase one.

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    Practise getting into a leotard

    If you have little experience with wearing leotards, you must practise a little to get comfortable. Remember that unlike other garments, a girl has to enter the leotard through the neck area and then fit in her legs and arms accordingly.

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