How to Get Along With Others

Our lives are just too short to hold grudges and maintain animosities which are more often than not outcomes of our own emotional lapses. The important thing is to be friendly and cordial with everybody around, and even if you do not like somebody, the best thing is stay quiet. This will allow you to build friendships and strong relationship with all sorts of people.


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    Be polite

    People do not like to interact with rude and over confident people, especially when they have just met. To make a good first impression it is pivotal that a person remains as polite and humble as possible, and given an impression that he/she is actually listening carefully.

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    Be Helpful

    When an unknown person interacts with you, in almost all the cases, he/she would require some sort of favour or help. While you should be careful about the detailed motives, if that person can be helped without you having to make a stretch, it should be done in a jiffy. Even if you cannot help an individual, the way in which you decline should reek of politeness.

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    Always keep a smile on your face

    It is necessary to sport a smile on your face, more often than not. Many times it happens that people want to approach you, but don’t do so, seeing your facial expressions. With you looking pleasant, people will feel more confident in interacting.

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    Develop tolerance

    Learn how to control your anger. There will be many situations in which you will come across rude people hell bent upon inflicting their views and thought process on you. Instead of responding aggressively, the wise thing in these situations is to excuse yourself from the conversation. You should always be mindful of not indulging in sensitive discussions regarding race, religion and politics.

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    Be there for others in loss and happiness

    While starting a relationship is one thing, maintaining it is entirely another matter and definitely the most difficult one. Make effort to celebrate the joys of others and be there for them in the hour of need. Let everyone feel that they are important and wanted.

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    Avoid making inappropriate jokes

    While it is very important to introduce the fun and enjoyment element in a relationship, limits should never be crossed. The type of jokes you crack should not mock the physical features of others, and the surrounding in which these jokes are made should also be kept in focus.

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