How to Get Medicine without a Prescription

Knowing how to get medicine without a prescription will assist you to keep your prescription drugs in control even when you are away from home. There are certain times when you cannot get your routine prescription because you have misplaced your medication, you are not in the city or you cannot visit your medical physician. There are a number of ways to find prescription drugs without your regular prescription.


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    Acquire a prescription from your personal doctor whenever you can and just take the medicines that are prescribed. Make sure you do not take prescription that belongs to someone else. You can save some cash if you get your prescriptions online at discount pharmacies. On the other hand, if you are insured, you can get the prescriptions at a discount price by using mail order pharmacy and order them three months in advance.

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    Ran out of prescription drugs

    If you run out of your prescription over the weekend, you need to immediately call the pharmacy to deliver the medicine. The pharmacy can be able to offer you a sample to hold onto until you can get in touch with the doctor in the next working day. You might have some medicine left and may not need the doctor after all. Tell the pharmacist what prescription drugs you are on and the name of your medical physician. Knowing how to find medicine without your prescription will aid you to keep your drugs regular even in crisis situations.

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    How to get medicine when you are not in town?

    Call a nearby pharmacy if you are not at home and you lose your prescription. The medical store can assist you to get in touch with your own pharmacy or your doctor to find your prescription drugs as soon as possible. Your regular pharmacy or doctor can give your medicine information to your holiday or business place pharmacy.

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    Contact the nearby pharmacy and tell them what you want. They can connect through your doctor or pharmacy to have your medicine transferred in a short while. Do not send prescriptions through the mail. The medicine can be affected because of physical damage or heat of going through the mail. Moreover, it is also illegal to send medicine locally or internationally. Knowing how to get prescription drugs without any prescription will aid you to take your medicine on time and regularly without any additional help or assistance.

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