How to Get More Hair Volume for the Holidays

Everyone desires, thick voluminous hair; however, unfortunately not many are not blessed with this luxury and have to deal with flat and limp hair throughout their lives.

Nonetheless, all is not lost, as there are many other ways of making your hair look great for the holidays.


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    Begin by changing the way you part your hair. This works wonders for those who have flat hair. It gives a temporary lift to the hair without changing anything else.

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    If you have thin hair, then you need the right haircut to give your scalp a thick look. You need to avoid razor cuts. A straight-across, or a blunt cut is suitable for people with thin hair.

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    Never forget that there are volumizing hair products out there just waiting for your attention. Use them as these products can end your hair troubles. These products will leave your hair dry and fluffy. You can also use a leave-in conditioner that does not flatten the hair.

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    Blow-drying is also an excellent remedy for limp hair. You need to blow dry your hair upside down by exposing the roots. You can also apply volumizing mousse during this process. Remember to direct the hairdryer towards the scalp by lifting each section upward. Do not use conditioners and hairsprays which will just weigh your hair down, making the whole exercise of blow drying your hair useless.

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    Another important tip is not to wash your hair daily, instead use dry shampoos on days that you do not wish to wash them; this also gives your hair slight volume.

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    Combing your hair the right way is another must for you, backcombing the hair will lift it and prevent the hair from going flat for some time. However, backcombing weakens your hair and should not be a permanent hairstyle for you.

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    Colouring the hair with dark colours also gives your scalp a thick look. You should try this if you are not allergic to hair colours.

  • 8

    Having a perm is another way to get volume in your hair. Instead of wasting money on colours and hairdryers, perm is a better option. For flat hair, root perm will give a desirable lift and a body perm will give you all around waves. This will give your hair more body and volume. To avoid damage from perms it is best that you haven’t had any prior chemical treatments.

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