How To Get Pet Shop Licence In London

Opening a pet shop requires a lot of steps; including finding the right place, being aware of how to deal with animals etc. If you plan to open a pet shop in London city then you have to go through the obligation of acquiring a license for that. The license allows you to keep and sell pets for an year after which you have to renew it. The St Edmundsbury Borough Council handles all such applications and checks if they fulfill some basic conditions that ensure animal rights. This step by step guide will help you through the entire process starting from the conditions to the application.


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    Conditions for a license:

    Some conditions include details of how you plan to take care of the animals. The requirement is that at least one of your staff members must hold a pet care certificate. The license also binds you to not sell to anyone under 12 years of age. You must keep a record of the key holders with the local police station. A complete list of the conditions, including transportation and accommodation terms, are available at the Borough Council's website.

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    How to Apply:

    There are two methods of applying. The application form is available online. You can download a printable version, fill it and post it with supporting documentation to the address that is given on the form. A cheque must also be attached that covers the license fee.

    Another option is to directly apply online and pay through your credit card. You will have to create an online account with the council for it.

    You can use the following details to contact the council or post your application form and documents.

    Address: Licensing Services, St Edmundsbury Borough Council, West Suffolk House, Western Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3YU, London, United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 1284 757103

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    You will be charged a fee of 175 pounds. It is the same for post applications and online applications. The council publishes a list of fee for different businesses each year.

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    Application Procedure:

    Expect the council to take up to 28 days to process your application after you have submitted your form, fee and documents. In case of any error in your application, you will be required to correct it and the cycle will start again. The license will be valid for an year. In case of any rejection, yo have the right to appeal to the local magistrate's court.

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