How to Get Rid Of Dry Skin On Face

Dry skin is a total nuisance. In its worst form it can start itching and get flaky even. It gets worse in the winters when the level of humidity also drops. Not that it is any better in summers. The heat takes away all the moisture and leaves you with a hopelessly drier skin. A dry skin is prone to wrinkles and cracks. You possibly don’t want to age early because of it.   Why put up with it when we have so many ways to get rid of it and get a better, moisturized skin.


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    Water-The life saver:

    Make sure you drink lot of water even when its winters and you are not particularly thirsty. Water brings the change from within and prevents dehydration which shows on your skin eventually. Fresh juices also help not only in hydration but in maintaining your mineral proportion.

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    Moisturize is the word:

    There is no problem with washing your face as many times as you want. But do not forget to apply lotion just right after that. Yes! Place a lotion right next to your face wash and put a small bottle in your handbag too when you are going outside. Remember to use this moisturizer when you face is still a little damp. This locks the moisturizer for a long time.

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    Vaseline helps:

    Massage well with Vaseline at night. Wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning and then apply a lotion.

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    Avoid soaps:

    They tend to leave your skin parched and dry. Use a moisturizing face wash instead.

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    Get a humidifier :

    If you feel your home has a dry air feeling to it, get a humidifier to place beside your bed or in the living room. In winters, keep a small humidifier near the heater which keeps the level of humidity in the air constant.

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    Umbrella-your shield:

    Use an umbrella in summers to protect you skin from getting dehydrated and loosing the little moisture that it has.

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    Use domestic tips:

    Combine honey and milk and apply to your face. Keep for half an hour and then wash off with water. Another tip is to mix lemon juice with glycerin and rose water. Apply the mixture daily before bed and keep it till the morning. It has worked for many and will sure work for you.

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