How to Get Rid of Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity (hypersensitivity) – is one of the most common problems of modern society. This phenomenon occurs due to the weakened tooth enamel which exposes dentine surface and unveils the dentinal tubules, which are located inside the nerve fibres of the pulp.

Under the influence of thermal, chemical, mechanical factors (it can be cold or hot food, sour, sweet products, etc.) there is a shift in fluid dentinal tubules, which leads to irritation of the nerve endings and the emergence of pain impulses in pulp.

Because of the sensitivity of the teeth for a long time, many people give up their favourite foods, drinks, winter just trying to breathe with your mouth closed, clean out bad teeth, because can not touch a toothbrush to the tooth surface. They suffer from frequent pain and trying to find any way to get rid of the problem.

First we need to establish the cause of sensitive teeth.

It can be weak by nature or because of the effects of mechanical and chemical factors of tooth enamel, enamel cracks, caries, wedge-shaped defects, exposed roots or neck of the tooth due to gum disease or gingivitis atrophic

If you notice that your teeth have started to react badly to hot, cold and sweet you should pay attention to the tooth enamel. The pain of the damaged tooth enamel lasts 30 seconds and the nature of the pain is as hard and sharp as a knife.

Tooth enamel is not itself sensitive but the dentin, which is under the tooth enamel, is sensitive and the development of tooth sensitivity contributes to endocrine disorders, pregnancy and hormonal disorders.


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    Tooth sensitivity can be caused by frequent consumption of carbonated drinks and acidic foods. The use of these products contributes to the destruction of the enamel.

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    If you notice that your teeth have become sensitive, you should not do mechanical and chemical bleaching.

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    Lack of vitamin A promotes development of tooth sensitivity. Your diet must contain carrots, liver and eggs and you should abandon the use of carbonated drinks and acidic products.

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    You should always brush your teeth after having a meal. If this is not possible, you should use a mouth wash. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth could be helpful if it contains potassium, citrate, fluoride and strontium.

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    One should eat marine fish once in a week as it contains the necessary fluoride for dental health.

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