How to Get Ringtones on Your Android Phone

Without a ringtone, mobile phone is nothing more than a corpse. No matter how expensive smartphone you are using, if the ringtones are not good, your device will appear to be a cheap one. A lot of people build opinion about others just by noticing the ringtones of their cell phones. Imagine what sort of impression a bad tone would make, when you are on your first date.

Having the latest and decent ringtones is extremely important these days. Many people consider ringtones as nothing, but noise. Therefore, they keep their phones on vibration all the time. In this situation, you may receive a call when the phone is in pocket. But the device will give you no notification at all. The manufacturers have given many new dimensions to the Ringtone Settings. Now, you may set a tone at lower volume. Another nice feature is to get ringtone and vibration at the same time.

Android offers plenty of fine built-in ringtones, but everyone has the right to have his own choice. If you don’t like the entire list of the available ringtones in your Android phone, there is nothing to worry about. By just making a few simple moves, you can add your favourite ringtones to your mobile. The network providers do offer plenty of ringtones, but at a very high price. So, the best option is to download free ringtones to your computer, and then transfer them to the mobile phone.


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    First of all, gather all the ringtones you want to add to your Android device. By using simple audio program, you may create one by yourself. It is always better to get the ringtones in mp3 format.

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    After collecting all the ringtones in one particular folder, connect the device through USB cable. A message will appear at your screen, telling you about the USB connection.

    If you are using Ice Cream Sandwich, don’t forget to enable the Android debugging. In simple words, you are allowing the device to share data with the computer.

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    Through file manager, open SD card or the mobile’s internal memory. There will be a special folder with the name of ‘ringtones’. In some devices, this folder may be named as ‘notifications’.

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    Copy the files from your system, and paste them in the ringtones folder on your device. It may take some time, depending on the size of the data.

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    Once the copying is done, unplug your device. Now you can enjoy new ringtones just by opening the Sound Settings. The list of available ringtone now includes those you have just added.

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