How to Grow Grape Vines from Cuttings

Grapes not only taste good on their own but also make marvellous jams, jellies and wine. How about growing your own grapes and using them to make all these delicacies. There is also a rise in the production of homemade wine and grapes are the main raw material for it. What could be better than your own supply of fresh grapes. It not only saves you the money but also gives you the privilege to have your favourite fruit at any time of the day, right from the branches.  Grape vines can be grown through cuttings and if you use cuttings from an old parent plant with good fruit, you can replicate the same quality.

Things Required:

– Grapevine cutting
– Trellis
– Hammer
– Fertilizer
– Secateurs
– Rooting compound


  • 1

    Prepare ground:

    Choose the location where you want the grape fruit to grow eventually. Grape vines grow rapidly so you should have enough space for them. The place should also get ample sunshine needed by the plant. Dig up the ground to add to it a fertilizer with a nutrition content of 1-1-1.

    Now install a trellis on this spot. The trellis will provide support to the vine when it grows. The trellis can also be installed after the vine takes root and starts growing.

  • 2

    Choose cutting:

    You can get vine cuttings from the nursery, from an old plant in your own garden or from friends and neighbours. Make sure that the cutting you get should have at least three nodes. Nodes are the bumps on the length of the stem from where new buds grow out. The best time to get cuttings in spring when the grapevine is in a dormant stage.

    You have to cut the vine in a specific way. Make a straight cut under the lowest node and a slant one above the highest. Dip this cutting in water and shake to drive out air. Now dip the end in the rooting compound. Tap off any excess compound. It is ready to be planted.

  • 3

    Plant cutting:

    Plant the cutting in the ground you prepared against the trellis. Place the cutting in the soil and then press the soil around it to secure it. Plant the cuttings at a distance of six inches apart so that each has its own growing space. Water regularly so that the ground is damp but not soaked up.

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