How to Heal a Muscle Tear

Sometimes, one ignores a slight niggle in the muscles and keeps on working out hard, which results in some serious consequences. It is not ideal to take any injury easy, especially the muscular ones.

If you feel any pain in your muscle, you should look for medical advice. You might have a tear in your muscle, so it is better to take some rest and wait until the injury is healed properly.

If any professional athlete suffers such an issue, he/she doesn’t put any extra burden on the muscles. However, amateurs take things lightly and end up in severe pain. They put their careers under threat before even kicking off.


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    Diagnosing the problem

    First of all, you have to diagnose the muscle tear, so that you can do the treatment accordingly. If you hear a popping sound or feel that you are unable to walk, you should get medical attention immediately.

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    Find out the degree of muscle tear

    There are several types of muscle tears, so you have to find out the extent of damage that has been done to your body. If you have a first degree muscle tear, you will feel a slight niggle, but will be able to walk and run. In such a situation, you should rest for a few days and you will be perfectly fine.

    In case of a second degree muscle tear, you will feel a lot of pain and will have to see a doctor. Make sure that you take some pain killers in such a situation to get better with the passage of time.

    The most dangerous of all is the third degree muscle tear, which leaves you in extreme pain. You will even be unable to walk in such a situation and the muscle will require a surgery to get back to normal.

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    Apply ice to the affected muscle

    Once you have determined the nature of your injury, you should start treating the muscle. First thing you must do is applying ice to the affected area, which will make you feel a lot better.

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    Wrap the injured muscle

    You should keep the injured muscle wrapped, so that you don’t feel much pain.

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    The best way of treating muscular injuries is through rest. If you put any pressure on the muscles, you will end up making the situation worse.

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    Visit a doctor regularly

    To see whether the situation is improving or not, you should regularly visit a doctor.

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