How to Hide a Small Still Camera

A camera is a device commonly used to take or capture memorable moments. However, a camera can also be used for capturing pictures of culprits or suspects of a crime if hidden properly at that specific place where one expect the culprits or suspects of a crime to be present.

One can use a video camera if he/she intends to capture video footage. However, one should use a still camera if he/she intends to capture the pictures of the culprit or suspect of a crime frame-by-frame. In addition, still cameras are better in order to capture the face of the person.

There are several places where one can easily hide a small still camera, and the person you are going to observe will not even notice that his/her movements are being monitored.

Things Required:

Small still camera


  • 1

    In a picture frame:

    Look for a picture that has a thick border frame. Remove the back of it, and cut through a small hole in the picture at such a place, which is unnoticeable. Attach the camera at the back of the picture with the help of the tape. Make sure that the lens of the camera is placed right over the hole in order to capture pictures. Attach the frame back to the picture, and hang it at that place or area you want to capture.

  • 2

    Nanny cam:

    In most of the cases, one only wants to capture the activities of his/her children in such a manner that they do not get to know that they are being observed. For this purpose, making a ‘nanny cam’ is a perfect solution. Take a teddy bear, and open it up from the back side. Take out the stuffing, and then attach a camera with the help of a tape in such a manner that the lens of the camera is right over one eye of the bear. After attaching the camera, put back all the stuffing inside the teddy bear, and sew it back. Place it in the room of your children.

  • 3

    In a Flower Vase:

    One can also place a small still camera in a flower vase. Make sure that you set your camera in such a manner that none of the petals of leave obstruct the view of the lens. Place the flower vase at such area where other decorative pieces are also placed.

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