How to Import Cars from Japan into Canada

Today, anyone can easily import cars from Japan to Canada. Japan has become one of the hottest source of getting good yet very cheap cars that will rarely give you any sort of mechanical worries if you make sure that you change the car’s motor oil and gear oil on time. Japan is producing probably the best energy efficient cars in the world at the moment. Furthermore, almost every city in Japan has car manufacturing plants where state of the art equipments and some of the best mechanics in the world make sure that the cars coming out of the plants, are second to none in every aspect.

Due to its world-recognised reputation of making high quality cars at low cost, Japanese motor companies have made a strong market in Canada. However, despite all the merits of having a Japanese manufactured car, it is still advisable to run a background check before you import a car.


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    Many people are eager to seal the deal as quickly as possible. However, it is best to be vigilant while making a purchase. You are about to pay someone else your hard earned cash so it is better to do a thorough research first.

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    There are many real estate companies in Canada that deal in delivering Japanese cars. Keep it in mind that a lot of documentation needs to be done before bringing the car from Japan as there are two countries with different taxing and importing/exporting laws involved.

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    When it comes to importing cars from any country, Canada has very strict regulations. Under Canadian law, no car over the age of 15 years is allowed inside the country. However, you should not worry about it as cars coming from Japan are in great condition and won’t give you any hassles.

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    In order to bring in the car from Japan to Canada, all you have to do is to abide by the law and take it step by step. Search for agencies that will be involved in the process and just follow all of their requirements.

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    Filing various documents can be a complicated task so it is better to hire a broker who will deal with everything on your behalf. As soon as your car arrives in Canada, it will go through customs, will be under import levies and will undergo a thorough inspection. Registration and the invoice of the car’s sale will give it the identity.

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    Although you will save approximately 30 percent of your money when you import a car from Japan, be wary when it comes to selecting an insurance premium as some companies tend to double or even triple it if you have an imported vehicle.

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    Prepare a budget list that includes, freight forwarding charges, licensing fees, local and overseas payments.

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