How to Improve Cricket Knowledge

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in the sub-continent. It tests the physical strength of a player as well as the mental capacity to handle pressure in different situations. An ordinary fan may think that cricket is a ‘see ball, hit ball’ affair; however, this is not true because it requires different strategies and calculations according to the state of a match. If you want to truly enjoy watching the game and understand its technicalities properly, you must have in-depth cricket knowledge.


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    Watch matches regularly

    These days, every single international match is televised on different channels. When there is no international cricket being played, even the domestic matches can be seen on television. Whenever you have free time, you should watch the matches and see the progress of different players and teams. A number of different statistics and records will be shown during the match and you should take full benefit.

    A keen cricket follower should also listen to the commentary very carefully as it allows you to understand the game and improve your cricketing intellect.

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    Read about the game

    There are many cricket magazines published in different countries. These magazines include interviews of the players, different records and statistics, interesting facts and stories about past encounters.

    Internet has made it extremely easy to improve your cricket knowledge. There are a number of websites, which possess complete player profiles and statistics. Every major cricket board and even the International Cricket Council (ICC) have their official websites, which provide news as well as relevant information or the schedule of matches/tournaments.

    Many former cricketers have written their auto-biographies, which is a great source of improving one’s cricket knowledge.

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    Make your own score-book

    If you are a passionate cricket follower, you can buy your own score-book from a sports shop. While watching the matches on television or live in the ground, make your own statistics.

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    Meet current & former players

    You should look to meet current and former players and request them to share their experiences with you. Always listen to their stories or advice carefully.

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    Play the game yourself

    You can improve your knowledge through reading or watching cricket matches but you cannot enhance your cricketing wisdom without having the experience of playing the game yourself. It will help you understand different situations in a game.

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