How to Improve Skill in the WWE Wrestling Video Games

WWE or other wrestling games are exceptionally fun and popular even among people who are not wrestling fans. No matter what age or gender you are, playing wrestling games always bring your fun memories and several players can enjoy at the same time. However, due to its competitive nature, you need to upgrade the skills of your favourite or created wrestlers in order to rule the ring. By this you can enjoy the wrestling experience even more and can have more fun. You can easily overpower your friends’ wrestler and become the champion.


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    Study the controls

    First you need to learn the controls of the wrestling game you are playing. Play tutorial to get a knowhow of moves and button which perform these moves. Usually only few moves are altered but the basic moves are same.

  • 2

    Choose a wrestling character

    Now pick up a wrestling character and play with him. You can choose one which you like on TV. Then master his moves by playing with him. Every wrestler has a different special move e.g. if you pick the Rock, he has a special finishing move ‘Rock Bottom’ which can be performed by first kicking him and then pressing the button by which you perform Smack.

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    Create your wrestler

    You can also create your wrestler and give him moves of all wrestlers you like. You can give him a strong special finishing move and other cool moves. Give him moves that you feel comfortable.

  • 4

    Master the grappling moves

    Next you need to improve your grappling moves as they inflict more damage as compared to striking moves. These moves not only include moves which bring your opponent to the ground but also damages your rival when he lying on the floor.

  • 5

    Timings of performing Special moves

    You need to perform the Smack or the special finishing move when your opponent’s stamina is low. By smashing at this point, your opponent will lay on the ground and you can easily pin.

  • 6


    You should also learn how to block all types of moves including the finishing moves. By blocking you will not only prevent yourself from inflicting damage but also have a chance to take down your opponent.

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