How to Improve Your Ski Technique

The lifelong dream of every enthusiastic skier is to make those dynamic and thrilling turns that professional skiers make. In order to improve your skiing techniques, you need to get a strong grip on those sensations that will make your turns eye catching. You will also need to learn as to how to lean your leg in a progressive fashion that allows you to steer and turn in a very professional way.

There are some skiers who are a bit too careful and tentative when it comes to increasing their leg lean. Then there are others who rush their movement so much that they end up static in the other turns. As you twist and turn in the snow, you must be aware that every move that your leg makes, must be progressive and you need to have complete control over your legs in order to make a perfect and artistic arc.


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    The most important thing to take your skiing technique to the next level is by having a perfect balance in your strides. When your position is balanced, you can do all kinds of things you want with your ski. Make sure that your knees are bent in a perfect manner in order to have a balanced posture.

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    A great way to gather more speed in your turns is by splitting your turns into single. In order to do so, make a turn on a flat slop which will allow you to increase your speed. If the slope is very flat, you will be able to gather more speed and not worry about slowing down. When progressively descending with speed, your hips move across your legs to lean. Try doing this more often.

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    Once you are happy with the way you are leaning and have enough confidence about it, try becoming more skilful with your legs by increasing your lean. As you gather momentum, think about the point your inside leg will be raring to go for when cutting a turn.

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    If you become skilful with your inside leg, you will be able to lean earlier than the turn comes which will give you a progressive turn.

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    You can also count yourself through the leaning process in order to promote a progressive lean.

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    Try breaking each turn into four parts. This will help you lean progressively throughout every turn you make and your posture will maintain a constant pressure under your feet on the edges.

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