How to Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide detector helps keep CO levels in check. They have an alarm system that rings whenever the amount of CO in the air exceeds a certain level and prevents poisoning. Sources of Carbon Monoxide in a house include heaters, open flames and car running in the garage. The detectors are installed in many homes and are available readily in hardware stores. Their installation is a simple process and does not ask for much time. This guide has a detailed account of the whole process so that you guarantee safer life for your whole family.

Things required:

– Carbon Monoxide Detector
– Electric Drill/assorted Bits
– Multiuse Screws
– Screwdriver Sets


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    Decide location:

    Choose a detector position where it is away from any interruptions by kids. It is advisable to place them near the heating sources like the heaters and flames. Spread the detectors at different points around the house especially in sleeping areas. Installing a detector near a furnace works well. However, do not position too close because it will result in false alarms.

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    Install detector:

    Gather all tools before starting work so that the process goes smooth and you do not have to run around in the middle of it. Use the template at the back of the detector to determine the position of mounting holes. Determine the distance between the two mounting holes at the bracket of the detector.  Translate these holes unto the wall using a pencil. Use the electric drill to drill pilot holes. These pilot holes will help place the screws. position the mounting screws of the bracket over these holes and use a hammer to dig them in.

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    Maintain detector:

    Once the bracket is installed, mount the detector on to it. Once you are done, check the detector by pressing the test button. It should give out an alarm sound. Make a maintenance schedule for your detector, changing the battery twice in a year.

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