How to Introduce a Public Speaker

Introducing a public speaker on an event is a skill that a host should master in order to make the audience attentive. Getting the interest of the audience is something different from motivating them to listen to the public speaker. Many hosts introduce a public speaker to the audience in a way that generates desired effect and the crowd becomes curious about what a public speaker is about to speak.

However, many hosts fail to create the desire impact as they do not introduce the speaker in an effective way. This kind of situation can become alarming as it can ruin the purpose of the speech and can lead the event to a failure. However, introducing a public speaker in a skilled manner creates a positive impact on the minds of the audience and they start thinking about the speaker even before he/she appears in front of them.

If you are the host of an event and you have the responsibility to introduce a public speaker to the audience, then you should know how to do it properly. If you have no clue about how to create a strong impact on the audience then keep reading this post which will help you in this regard.


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    First step you need to take is that you should talk to the public speaker before the event. Try to get as much details about him/her and also about his/her subject of speech. Also take suggestion from the speaker if he/she wants you to include something particular about him/her.

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    You should also speak to different people among the audience when they are gathering for the event. It will give you an idea about their interests and expectations.

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    Make sure you know the purpose of the event and also you should have the knowledge about the topic of speech of the public speaker. The audience will take interest in the speech if you let them know what it is about.

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    Prepare the introduction by writing and memorising it before appearing at the stage. Try to be precise in your introductory sentences with an emphasis on the purpose of event and about the topic of the speaker.

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    Speak in a clear and confident tone along with having a smile on your face. Be a little conversational while introducing the speaker with an emphasis on the subject of the speech.

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