How to Keep Food In the Fridge From Tasting Funny

The fridge is filled with different kinds of foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and dairy. With different varieties, odours get mixed and destroy the flavour of the food. The food doesn’t stay fresh and if kept for long, it starts to decay. People end up throwing items away because nobody wants to eat them. Food needs to be stored properly for it to retain its freshness and taste. Some foods start giving out disgusting odours. If you face these problems then find out how to store food in the fridge so that it doesn’t taste funny.


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    If you want the fish, meat and poultry to remain fresh; store them wrapped. If they are put in a plastic wrap, they won’t give out any smell. Also, keep a plate or tray underneath so that the drippings don’t fall on other food items.

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    If you want to retain the taste of cheese, milk and yogurt; let them stay in their actual containers. If you have taken out some of it for use, do not put them back in the same container. The hard cheeses should also be wrapped before storage. This will ensure that all the dairy products in the fridge stay fresh and that the odours from the other food does not mix with these items and ruin the actual taste and flavour.

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    The fruits and vegetables should be preserved separately. It is not compatible to store them together as they start emitting gases when they deteriorate and this effects the taste of other items in the fridge. The gases also cause other food items to deteriorate. Some of the fruits can get very dry so store them in plastic bags which are not sealed so that air can circulate. Also, do not wash the fruit before storing. If in the fridge, this will make it damp and it tends to rot quickly and then it tastes funny.

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    The leftover food has already been used once so it is more prone to tasting funny after sometime. Store them in containers that are leak proof or airtight. Before storing them make sure that they are properly cool and at room temperature because if stored hot, the taste changes. If you are storing foods like stuffed turkey, the stuffing needs to be stored separately as the tastes of both the things is different. Do not put opened cans in the fridge like those of cranberry sauce, as the metallic residual gives it a funny taste.

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