How to Keep Koi Disease Free

Koi is a type of Japanese fish, just like goldfish. The fish that is found in clean waters is the most likeable fish species in the world. It is because the fish gets friendly quickly and acts like a good pet and friend. Its habit of snatching food from hands is particularly very pleasing and entertaining for its owner. However, Koi happens to be the most sensitivities species of fish. It gets disease quickly, which is often fatal. You can protect Koi from catching a disease by taking a number of steps, irrespective of the fact that their success ratio sometimes is not very encouraging.


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    The most important thing to know is that koi needs to survive is clean water. Make sure your pond is completely free of any pollution. Pollution reduces the level of oxygen in the water and Koi catches diseases quickly.

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    You should also ensure that the level of oxygen is maintained at a right level in the water. A reduced level of oxygen makes it uncomfortable for Koi and it becomes ill quickly. Proper oxygenation of pond is as essential as is clean water. So do not compromise on these two things, if you really want to see your Koi healthy, happy and entertaining.

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    Even before these two consideration, selection of a pond of a right size is also essential. Koi happens to like spacious pond, where it can roam freely. In small ponds it feels suffocated and gets sick immediately. Make sure you have a spacious water, open in a airy environment, where Koi can have a feel of natural environment and stays healthy.

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    It is also important not to put too many Koi fish in one pond. In one pond, one or two Koi are enough. If you put more, it will create a space problem for them. It is not that Koi does not like to be around other Koi fish; one or two Koi can stay as healthy and happy as more than this number can do. But it is very important for the sake of their health that you should provide them adequate space and water to move around.

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    You can consult a vet in case you feel Koi is ill. For example, Koi stops eating when it is ill and it is an indication that it should be given some treatment. Another sign of Koi being ill is that it rubs itself against any object in the pond, even the pond walls. Generally, these are bacterial disease caused by pollution and unclean conditions.

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    If your Koi gets ill even after taking all necessary measures, you consider yourself lucky if Koi survives. Generally, Koi is killed within hours of illness and the time for treatment is very short. You nevertheless can make an effort to rescue the fish, and see if it survives.

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