How to Keep Your House Clean And Organized

Clean and organized house can have a good impact on the mind of your family members and guests. It shows your sense of responsibility towards your family and home sweet home. But, in today’s busy world, everyone has tough and busy schedule in the run of earning livelihood. Therefore, they do not want to spend hours in the cleaning and organizing of their home. However, by adopting some simple strategies, you can keep your house clean and organized with a minimum of effort and time.

This amazing guide of step by step contains very simple steps to keep your house not only clean but organized as well.


  • 1

    Schedule your cleaning

    First of all take a pen, writing pad and break down all of your major cleaning chores. Make sure not to schedule everything for one day. Plan the major chores like washing clothes, dusting etc during the weekend. Schedule the daily activities like rooms’ cleaning, utensils’ washing, cooking and organizing things on daily basis.

  • 2

    Make your bed every day

    The moment you get up early in morning, make your bed properly. It is a matter of just 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the pillows from your bed and use both of your hands to remove the wrinkles of your bed sheet. Fold your blanket and place it on one side of your bed. Now, arrange the pillows back on your bed. Repeat the same procedures with the bed on other rooms of your house.

  • 3

    Proceed towards your kitchen

    Wear disposable gloves and wash the dirty dishes. Rinse them with clean water and arrange them on the kitchen dish rack or stand. Place all other scattered utensils on their right places in order to give a neat and organized look to your kitchen.

  • 4

    Put dirty clothes into laundry bag

    Collect all the washable clothes, bed sheets and towels from different rooms of the house and put them into a laundry bag. Seal the laundry bag and set it in the washing room of your house or somewhere that is not visible to others.

  • 5

    Dispose the garbage

    Put on another pair of disposable gloves and collect all the garbage from the dustbins of your house and put them into a large plastic bag. Seal it thoroughly and hand over to the garbage collector of your area.

  • 6

    Start Decluttering

    Start the decluttering of various parts of your house. Start from the bed rooms, then proceed towards your drawing room, then dining room, cabinets and cupboards of all rooms and finally your kitchen. If you have big house with many portions, then you can consider them as well. Remove all the unnecessary items and nicely arrange the necessary ones.

  • 7

    Iron clothes

    Collect all the recently washed clothes, iron them and hang in the wardrobes of the bed rooms.

  • 8

    Clean the bathrooms of your house

    Apply some bathroom cleaners to inner side of your toilet seat and wait for few minutes until it works on the yellow and brown stains on the toilet seats. Wear gloves and rub the toilet brush against stains on your toilet seats. Now, rinse with clean water and put down the lid of the toilet seat. Sprinkle some water on the sinks and tubs of your bathrooms and then apply some bathroom cleaner or washing powered. Leave it for few minutes. Scrub the stains with a scrubber and wash with water. Shake over some washing powder on the floor of your bathrooms, rub it and rinse with water. Grab a bathroom wiper and wipe up all the water on the floor of your bathrooms.

  • 9

    Remove the spider webs

    Grab a feather duster and remove any kind of spider webs and dust particles from the walls, fans and lights of your house.

    Note: Carry out this activity very light in order to make sure not to break the lights of your house.

  • 10

    Sweep the rooms

    Sweep the bed rooms, dining rooms, drawing room, study room, playing rooms, kitchen, hallways and the car porch of your house with a large broom.

  • 11

    Vacuum your house

    Vacuum your entire house. Daily vacuuming helps in keeping your house neat and tidy, with the carpet looking amazing. Vacuum cleaner is a unique invention with a capability to attract the invisible dust particles from various parts of your house that are un-reachable to clean with a broom.

  • 12

    It’s dusting time

    Take a small feather duster or clean pieces of cloth and start the dusting of your beds, tables, chairs, frames, mirrors, TVs, Fridges, walls, doors, cabinets, cupboards, lights, lamps, book shelves, and sofas etc. Dusting helps to get rid of the tiny dust particles which are the outcomes of vacuuming and brooming in your house.

  • 13

    Open the windows of your house

    Open the curtains and windows of your house to get some fresh air into your house.

  • 14

    Spray air freshner

    Close the windows and curtains of your house before the sun set in order to stop the entry of insects into your house. Spray some nice flavor air freshener in the rooms of your and enjoy a nice and clean house.

  • 15

    Work chores on weekends

    Take out the dirty clothes from the laundry bag and wash them on weekend. You can also ask rest of your family members for help in this simple activity. Collect all the clothes once dry, iron them and hang in the wardrobes. Wash your car and car porch during the day off from work. If you want some changes in the setting of your house, also carry it during the weekends. Moreover, pets’ bathing, curtain changing, and replacement of furniture etc can be conducted during weekends.

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