How to Keep Your Lipstick Lasting Longer

Lips are certainly a key feature of a woman’s face. And a good lipstick increases the grace and charm of the lady.

Applying a lipstick is perhaps not too hard, but preserving it for a long time is surely a big issue. Many ladies lose the shine and true colour of the lipstick after a couple of hours and this makes things very problematic.

Therefore, you must try to have a long lasting effect. It is not difficult by any means. Just a few simple moves can help you have longer lasting lipstick.


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    First of all, you need to scrub away the top surface of your lips. Make sure you do it very gently, because you cannot afford to have injured lips. One can use a wet toothbrush to remove the dull, dry skin cells.

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    Now, it is the time to moisturise your fresh skin. For this, you can use a non-petroleum lip moisturizer.

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    There is no need to have extra moisture on your lips. Therefore, use a tissue paper to remove any excess cream.

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    After removing the extra cream, gently wipe a concealer over the lips. For this, you can use a brush. This is a very important step, as it not only creates a nice base, but also provides a clear line for adding your lip liner.

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    The next step is using a sharpened, neutral lip liner around the edges. There is a need to blend it nicely, making sure the entire lip has an equally quantity of the liner.

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    After applying the liner, it is the time to apply the lipstick. Don’t apply it directly on your lips. The best way is to apply it on the back of your hands and then with the help of a brush, apply it to your lips.

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    Use a thick layer of the lipstick, but it must not be too thick. After applying the lipstick to the outer surface, open your mouth and apply it into the inner corners.

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    In order to set the lipstick in place, you must use loose or pressed powder. Again, you cannot apply it directly. First place a thin layer of tissue paper on your lips and then apply some powder. In case you apply the powder directly, it will surely make things even worse.

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    The procedure is not completed yet. After using the powder, apply the final layer of the lipstick. This will surely give you a long lasting glossy look.

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