How to Keep Your Office Table Clean and Neat

At the end of a workday, it is important to clean and tidy up your workspace, whether it is a cabin or a desk. An office table can easily be kept neat and clean only by spending a few minutes at the end of a day’s work and does not require the use of any specialized equipment or tools.

Things Required:

– In-bin or a brightly colored folder
– Storage bins and shelves
– Multi-surface household cleaner or cleaning wipes


  • 1

    Organize high priority tasks at the end of the day using an in-bin or a brightly colored folder. This will help you keep a track of where to start the next working day without losing the important to-do items. Moreover, your table would not get stacked with too many documents.

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    Use storage bins and office shelves for storing office supplies such as paper clips and file folders instead of keeping them spread all across your office table. Make it a habit and you would not have to go through a stack of things each time you need a paper clip or another office supply.

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    One of the best and most effective ways of keeping your office table neat and clean is to go paperless as often as possible. Ask your colleagues to send you important presentations and files via email instead of a large pile of papers. You can save the documents on your computer and then get them printed when required.

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    Never make the mistake of eating lunch on your office table. Food particles would indefinitely find a way into your keyboard whereas spills would ruin the look of your office table and make it look dirty.

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    At the end of the day, before leaving the office, take a few moments and sort out documents that came in during that day and would not be required any longer. Shred all such documents if they contain confidential information or simply discard them in a trash bin.

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    At least once in a week, remove all the things from your table and use multi-surface household cleaner or cleaning wipes to clean its surface. This will remove any dust particles that may have accumulated on the table during that week.

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