How to Look Skinnier Than You Are

At times you really don’t have time for exercise and thanks to your calorie intake you tend to appear fatter day by day. Well, it’s a no surprise that you need to reschedule your routine to give time to your body. But how can you appear skinny for the time being while you start working on it. You don’t want your outlook to be ruined and yet you’re out of quick solutions. Don’t worry, there are still ways by which you can appear skinnier than you really are.


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    For looking skinnier you’ll need to correct your posture. You can start by standing up straight. Most people tend to not stand properly due to which they develop an awkward posture which will cause you to look chubbier than you already are. You can avoid this by standing up straight whenever you have to. This doesn’t only decrease the rolls in your stomach, but also makes you feel more confident. Don’t be shy to stand up proudly whenever you’ve got company. Because the more shy you’ll be, the more people will notice you.

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    Be selective while deciding what to wear. Instead of going along with the latest fashion, you need to realize what suites you the best. Try not to opt for skinnier clothes as they will make you look even more fatter. Wear clothes that fit you well, making you look thinner.

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    To look skinnier you must wear fitting underwear. Now this might sound awkward at first that what does underwear has to do with you looking skinny or fat, but the fact is, it does. Therefore, opt for the right size underwear as well instead of going for something too tight or too loose.

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    Don’t go for a variety of colors or patterns in your dresses. Instead try on the dresses which have one or two colors at most. This helps in delivering an elegant look along with hiding the lumps and bumps that would be highlighted by the varying patterns.

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    Wear wide-legged pants to appear thinner. Pants or trousers that have wide legs falling in a straight line from hips tend to deliver a skinnier look. This won’t only make you look thinner, but also taller due to the design of the pants. Moreover, longer pants also give the same result as that of the bell-bottoms. Longer pants will help you in creating that long and slender line in your trousers that couldn’t be done in your normal pants.

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