How to Lose Upper Body Fat

An imbalance body has become one of the biggest issues of this age. Many people, particularly matured ones, sometimes find heavy upper portion with relatively thinner legs. This situation disturbs the whole structure and as a result, an individual faces big embarrassment.

Either you are a man or woman, your body unfortunately stores most of the fat in the upper half. A protruding belly and jelly arms are not only the result of your dietary patterns, but also depend on your genes.

A proper diet plan coupled with exercises can save you from this. Following are the moves you quickly need to make in order to get rid of the upper body fat.


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    First of all, re-examine your diet. Quickly leave junk food, and replace burgers and fries with vegetables and fruits. Things such as carrots, leafy greens, celery, berries, grapes and apples provide plenty of vitamins to your body. In the meantime, you need to go for the lean protein sources, like fish and chicken. Try to eat baked stuff instead of fried.

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    Start necessary exercises quickly, like sitting on the exercise ball. Another useful move is to lie down straight on the floor, moving your legs up and down in the air. It puts pressure on your upper body and as a result, the fat goes away.

    Do weight exercises for your chest and arms. Don’t be an extremist in the beginning, as your should start with 20 minutes a day. You can go further depending on the situation.

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    Target the fat stores by using exercise bands. At least spend 30 minutes in cardiovascular exercising. Walking, jumping, jogging, swimming and rowing are the simplest things you can start now. For muscle growth, you need to exercise at least for 45 minutes.

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    Try to challenge all the muscles in your upper body. Move them with the help of weight machines, resistance bands and other equipment. However, don’t forget to relax your body for at least 24 hours between the workouts. This gap not only helps your muscles to recover, but also prevents stress.

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    Always drink plenty of water, preferably eight ounces each day. This will flush toxins from your body. It is a very important part of the fitness plan, which should not be ignored at any cost.

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    Speed up your exercise plan with the required food. However, make sure you consume less calories than you burn. When exercising for the growth of muscles, a handy amount of nutrients are needed, including proteins, carbs and minerals

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