How to Make A Man Want You More

Beginning of a new relation is a best part to impress your loved one. No other thing can replace your first meeting with your dear one. Initial part of a relation is the most crucial time for both men and women, because foreverness of relation mainly depends upon the initial period. Patience and compromise also matters a lot to run a successful relation. The most common thing which occurs a lot in a relation is confusion between the two. To be very honest, men don’t think and see things as women do. They are essentially more single-minded than women. The question that arises most in women’s mind is that does he loves me or not? Or does he wants me at same level as I do?
Following are some easy and helpful tips to mesmerize your lover. By following these simple tips, your man will surely love you more and think about you all the time 24/7.


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    First thing you should do in order to involve your partner more  is by showing that you are hell busy even if you are not, secondly never let your lover feel that you are waiting for his call, even if you are. In order to pass your free time, make yourself busy in meeting people or socializing. You can also start doing something which will help you in passing your time.

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    The silly thing, or mistake which almost every woman does, is to whine like, “why didn't you call me yesterday, or last night". Never get glued with your expected partner.

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    The most important tip which appeals your partner a lot is to pay attention to his appearance. Your first impression or series of impressions will attract him toward you. Don’t go in front of him in a miserable condition.

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    Another best tip that will surely make your bond strong is to inflate his ego. Compliment your man on what he is wearing and how he is looking. Always make a lot of eye contact.

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