How to Make a One-Balled Dictator Cocktail

It is a fairly political cocktail with bitter memories of the World War 2. It was drunk by just the veterans of the war initially but is now a favorite among normal public too. The name is suggestive and hints to the propaganda about Adolf Hitler, prevalent during the war. The name has been taken from the lyrics of a song sung by British soldiers during the war with reference to Germany’s ‘quick’ invasion of France.

One balled dictator was invented by veteran US army members in the 1940s. The drink, in contrast to the name, is quite unique and soothes the mind. It is fairly easy to make and has a quick to learn and master recipe. Here is a step by step guide to this wonderful drink which will leave you invigorated.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Serving Size: 01

Utensils needed: Cocktail shaker, Rock type glass


– 1 Part champagne (any brand)
– 5 Parts  liebfraumilch
– One cinnamon ball
– Crushed ice
– Lime wedge for garnishing


  • 1

    Place your best rock glass in the refrigerator or else if you want to have any other cocktail glass. Cocktail tastes best when chilled, and so is this step necessary.

  • 2

    Take out your cocktail shaker and pour the ingredients into it in no specific order.

  • 3

    Shake hard but briefly with both hands for around 15 seconds and make sure the ingredients have blended well for an even taste.

  • 4

    Strain the mixture into the 'rocks' type glass. Add the cinnamon ball to it to get the final effect. The cinnamon ball is the type you find in bags of bulk candy.

  • 5

    For garnishing, a lime wedge will serve the purpose and make the drink look more appealing. Here

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