How to Make a Wedding Dress Pattern

If you are facing difficulty finding the wedding gown of your choice, one possible solution is to make your own wedding dress pattern and get the gown stitched accordingly. Making a wedding dress pattern at home is fairly easy if you approach the task in the right manner. Furthermore, the items required are inexpensive as well as readily available.

Things Required:

– Roll of basic brown paper
– Pattern paper (or tissue paper that won’t bleed onto fabrics)
– Long ruler or yardstick
– Pens or pencils
– Paper


  • 1

    Transfer your idea of a wedding costume onto a large sheet of blank paper with a pen or a pencil. Carefully add details such as style and cut of the wedding dress to create the wedding pattern. This is the easy part because you will now be required to piece up the actual pattern which is more complex than a mere sketch.

  • 2

    Write down measurements such as the gown’s length (including the bodice and the skirt, in case these pieces are separate from the gown), width of the arm holes and the bodice around your body and the skirt measurements. Be sure to make a note of extra measurements such as the neckline’s measurement. Moreover, take the aforesaid and any other measurements carefully because they will be transferred onto the pattern tissue.

  • 3

    Use a long ruler or a yardstick to measure the gown’s length onto the paper roll. Since you will eventually need to breakdown the pattern into smaller sections, it would be a good idea to use a roll of brown paper for measuring the gown’s length.

  • 4

    On both sides of the paper you measured in the previous step; measure out predetermined width of the armholes, chest, waist and hip areas. If necessary, measure the neckline and the sleeves on the brown paper.

  • 5

    Use a pen or a pencil to transfer measurements from the brown paper onto the pattern paper. It will be a good idea to hold the pattern paper up to you while transferring the measurements. This will help you get an actual feel of the measurements and make small changes if required so that the wedding dress will be as close to perfect as possible.

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