How to Make Audio books for iPod

If you are bored of reading books or you just can’t find enough time to read because you go on long drives very often, you can make audio books for your iPod. Even though, you can buy audio books from the bookstores or get them from online libraries. However, recording an audio book is great fun and you can do it by following a simple procedure.

Things Required:

– Audio software
– iPod
– iTunes
– Microphone
– Recorder/Mixer with USB cable
– Book iPod USB cable


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    First of all, you need to have to good audio software in your computer or laptop. There are many programmes available on the internet which can be used for voice recording. You can download ‘Audacity’ which is an open-source software and is widely used by the users around the world for voice recording.

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    Now, get a good microphone. Although, you can record your voice directly from the built-in microphone in your laptop, but it is advisable to use a professional microphone to get good voice quality.

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    Then, open Audacity on your computer or laptop and press the ‘Record’ button. Start reading your book. You must be at a reasonable distance from your microphone in order to record your voice clearly. Besides, you can use variation in your voice to make your audio book more interesting.

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    After recording your voice, press ‘Stop’ button and save the file as MP3 audio. You should keep the bit rate of at least 128 kbps while saving the file.

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    Open your iTunes and click on ‘File’ in the menu bar. Then, select ‘Add file to library’ option and choose the audio book MP3 file which you have saved just now. Click ‘OK’ to copy the audio file to iTunes.

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    You will have to covert the MP3 file to AAC (advanced audio coding) digital code format so as to play it on your iPod. To convert the file, you just have to right-click on it and select ‘Create AAC Version’. The conversion will take a little time to complete (depending on the file size).

  • 7

    Now, connect your iPod to your PC through your USB cable. When the iPod appears in your iTunes, click on the audio file and drag it in the gray navigation bar on the left to transfer.

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    After transferring the file, you can enjoy your audio book in iPod.

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