How to Make Snow Removal Easier

Snow removal is necessary, especially after heavy snowfall, to make it easy and safe to walk on sidewalks, driveways and other areas around your home. Both individuals as well as the local government are involved in removing snow. Individuals mostly clear driveways and walkways and leave the rest to the government. Whilst government bodies and the institutions are equipped with the necessary machinery, it is never an easy task for homeowners to remove snow from their sidewalks and driveways. However, there are some household items that you can use to make snow removal much easier.

Things Required:

– Shovel
– Snow blower
– Snow melter


  • 1

    Clean regularly

    If you are at home during snowfall, keep removing snow regularly and do not let it accumulate. Removing only a few inches of snow is much more easier than removing it after the storm is over. You don’t need to clean every last snowflake during each trip outside, just clean off most of the snow that has fallen between the cleanings.

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    Remove rocks and other solid debris from walkways

    When cleaning up after a storm, remove rocks and other solid objects from walkways and driveways before you start removing snow. Any large object left behind may get stuck in your snow blower, causing damage to it.

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    If there is light snowfall, a shovel may be all that is needed to keep your walkways, driveways and other areas around your home clear of snow. To keep snow from sticking to the shovel, apply some floor wax on it.

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    Snow Melter

    You can also use a mild snow melter to get rid of light snow. However, be careful when choosing a snow melter, because a strong snow melter may cause damage to concrete and other such surfaces. For optimal results, apply the snow melter before the snowfall starts. It will keep the snow from accumulating on the surface. Even in areas that receive heavy snowfall, snow melter can be used for “touching up”, after removing the bulk of snow with other tools.

  • 5

    Snow blower

    Use a snow blower to remove snow that is more than a few inches thick.

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