How to Make Your Own Cat Toys

Cats are one of the most loved pets all over the world, as they are full of energy and are not too aggressive. Unlike dogs, they can be good to strangers, so your friends wouldn’t mind if you have a pet cat at home.

However, this lovely creature wants your attention all the time, which is not always possible. Life is too busy these days and one cannot simply play with a cat throughout the day. Therefore, you can gift some toys to your pet, as that will keep it busy, while you are unavailable.

Buying such toys can be expensive though, so you should opt for making them at home, which is not a difficult task.

Things Required:

– Household items
– Bubbles
– Round shaped objects
– Old baby toys


  • 1

    Make a fake prey

    Cats love playing with their prey by tossing and chasing them. You can make such items for your pet, so that it can get amused with them. There are quite a few options available and the best part is that you don’t need to spend even a single penny to make such toys. Use different household items such as papers, strings, sticks and socks. All you need to do is make faces on them and give them a particular shape, which will get the attention of your cat.

  • 2

    Use flashlights

    Place a flashlight on the ground and switch it on to entertain your cat. It will first look into the light and then try to catch it with its paw. This can be a very good time pass for your pet. However, make sure that the light is not directly pointed towards the eyes of your cat.

  • 3

    Blow bubbles

    Just like kids, cats love to play with bubbles. You can blow bubbles yourself or ask the children to blow them for your pet. This will entertain both the young ones and your lovely pet cat.

  • 4

    Old baby toys

    There must be some old baby toys in your house, which are of no use. Give them to your cat and see how it plays with them.

  • 5

    Collect objects from outdoors

    Another way of entertaining your pet is by providing it round objects, which can be easily found. However, make sure that the objects you have gathered are not sharp enough to hurt your pet.

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