How to Name Groups of Apps on the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

After shifting to Windows 8 operating system, are you missing previous interesting features of categorising installed applications? If yes, then don’t worry, because the new operating system has brought that feature back, but in a modified version. Now you can categorise the installed applications in a group.

In the older version you would create folders on the start Menu, but in the Metro Style Start Screen the method is different.

So, in order to get the knack of the exact procedure, follow the steps given and name groups of apps on the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen.


  • 1

    Make sure that your computer or laptop is on and that Windows 8 has fully loaded. Go to your Metro Start Screen and drag your cursor towards the bottom right corner of the screen. A small icon will be viewed there, click it.

  • 2

    Now various groups of apps will appear on your screen, click the ones you wish to name.

  • 3

    A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with an icon Name Group. Click it.

  • 4

    A small dialog box will appear on your screen in which you will have to type the name of the group.

  • 5

    After entering an appropriate name click the Name button.

  • 6

    Now go back to the Start Screen you will be able to view the groups of apps with their name.

  • 7

    Although this procedure is relatively easy, you might face some difficulties if you are not experienced with Windows 8. Try the instructions again and be sure to take your time so that you do not skip any particular step. If you still feel that there are issues then go online and take a look at one of the various forums or websites that is available. You will find a large variety of sites that deal with Windows 8. Many expert or professional users will be happy to lend a hand and give you some nice tips or tricks to help you get your operating system running smoothly. Check the forums for any instructions on what you are trying to do. Also, you can easily post your own questions or queries on to a forum for more assistance.

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    You can also visit the local library or your nearest bookstore for some excellent materials on how to operate Windows 8. Check some of these books out and do a little research. Once you have learned a little more about the operating system then you can easily apply these steps to your own system.

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