Keyboard Shortcuts that Work in Windows 8

Previously in windows 7 and in the old versions you have been using hot keys, but in the latest version of Windows 8 operating system you should get familiar with the short keys. With the help of these keys your work will become very easy and simple. These keys are so troublefree in use that you can easily learn them and later on use them to make your task easy.

Short keys are mostly preferred by users because they help them in completing their task in less time and work effectively. So if you want to know about the main short keys that can be used in Windows 8 then take a look at the guide given below:


  • 1

    Windows Key:

    In previous windows when the Windows key was pressed the start menu used to pop up. In the similar manner in Windows 8 when this key is pressed then the Metro start Screen opens up.

  • 2

    Win + D:

    To view the old windows desktop these both key should be pressed altogether.

  • 3

    Win + C:

    In order to view the Charm menu, Win + C key are used. Later on you can change the settings, share or search any program of folder.

  • 4

    Win + I:

    These keys will help in opening the setting panel. In the setting panel the settings for the current app, wireless network, volume, brightness and shutdown can be changed.

  • 5

    Win + Z

    These two keys help in opening the bar for the current Metro application.

  • 6

    Win + H

    To open the Metro Share Panel click these two keys altogether.

  • 7

    Win + Q:

    The Metro App Search screen will appear when Win + Q are selected.

  • 8

    Win + W

    The Metro Setting Search Screen is viewed with the help of these two keys.

  • 9

    Win + F

    The metro File search screen is brought into view

  • 10

    Win + K

    If you wish to connect to a projector or some other device then take help from Win and K keys.

  • 11

    Win + ,

    For an Aero Peek at the desktop use win and , keys together

  • 12

    Win + .

    The current Metro application is snapped to the right side of the screen.

  • 13

    Win + Shift + .

    The current Metro application is snapped towards the left side of the screen.

  • 14

    Win + J

    The focus between the snapped Metro applications is switched.

  • 15

    Win + Page up / Down

    The current app is moved to the other monitor

  • 16

    Win + tab

    The application switcher menu is opened and the applications are switched.

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