How to Open a Chinese Bank Account

If you are in China for business, studies or for any other reason that requires you to stay in the country for a while, you will need to open an account with a bank. It does not have to be Chinese bank, in fact it can be any bank in China. The rules for account opening with all banks are the same, and the process is comparatively easy. You have to consider your needs first. The basic process is similar to the process of account opening in other countries in the world.


  • 1

    Search which bank has its branch closer to your business or house. Since the country is too big, having an account in your local branch will help you.

  • 2

    Read online about the requirement for opening an account in China. For example, being a foreigner you might be required to produce a document that carries your identity proof.

  • 3

    Read about the type of account, which you can open as an individual or business. Sometimes you might be allowed only basic account or offered more than one account types. So make sure you select the one that will suit your banking needs the most.

  • 4

    See if you can apply online for opening an account. If so it will be rather convenient for you, instead of going at the bank branch. Be mindful China is a populous country, and normally banks are very busy in entertaining clients. You might have to wait for a considerable amount of time before getting your chance.

  • 5

    Check about the information if you need to have some money upfront for opening an account. It is not necessary that you are allowed to open account without having any money, this option is rather impossible for foreigners.

  • 6

    Download application form from website of the bank, request a form to be sent to your home address, or ask for the form in the branch at the time of your visit and requesting for opening of an account.

  • 7

    Fill out the form carefully, especially make sure you fill out all the marked fields. For example, you must provide complete address of the place you are residing in and might also have to provide your recent picture.

  • 8

    Attach all the required documents along with the form. Do not send original documents with your application form.

  • 9

    Submit the form online, post it to the address or hand it over to a banking adviser at the branch you visit. Ask about the time which they can take to inform you if your application has been accepted.

  • 10

    While requesting for an account opening also mark the cards fields, clearly asking for the type of cards you will need. For example, if you need a debit card instead of a simple cash card, mark it.

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