How to Save Money on Coffee

Coffee was once used as a powerful bargaining item in the history of trade. It is still considered a luxury item in the present day and age; no wonder it takes up a considerable percentage of the beverage spending of the average American household and individual. This is also true for most parts of the world, where coffee is consumed in great quantities.

For  regular coffee consumers who require multiple servings a day, this addiction can prove quite costly. While the cup of amazing coffee cannot simply be replaced, reduced or given up on, there are several methods you can employ to lessen the burden on your wallet.


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    Buy instant coffee:

    Instant coffee that can be prepared at home is much cheaper than the ready to serve ones in coffee parlors and cafes. Instant coffee can be prepared easily in a very short period of time at home or at the office. Green coffee beans can also be bought in bulk, and roasted for a homemade, quality cup of coffee.

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    Buy in bulk:

    Buying in bulk packs is far more economical than buying in sachets. When you buy in bulk, you get a volume benefit. It also saves the effort of refilling the coffee jar when you run out of coffee.

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    Make your own flavoring:

    Branded coffee flavoring available at gourmet shops can be quite expensive. Personal flavoring, with the desired taste, can be made at home, using cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and other spices. The ingredients and their quantity can be varied according to personal choice. This will save you a lot of money.

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    Re-use grounds:

    At times, the coffee grounds left over from the previous cup of coffee are still very fresh and strong. These can conveniently be re-used to make another amazing cup, at very little price. However, to make the taste stronger, you can add half a spoon of fresh grounds too, so that the cup is nowhere near a compromise.

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    Not every cup has to be Starbucks:

    Starbucks, or any other expensive branded café with a reputation, can strip the wallet of valuable cash. While such a cup of coffee can be an enjoyable experience once or twice a week, daily consumption can be heavy on the pocket. Replacing it by making your own coffee, or going to a 99 cent shop, can make a huge difference.

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    Gift cards:

    Gift cards are common on birthdays and other celebrations. Give subtle hints that you need coffee gift cards to friends and family for any upcoming celebration, like a birthday. This will directly reduce your coffee expense.

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