How to Open Attachments in Yahoo Mail

If for some reasons, you are relatively new to the world of internet, there might be many things about which you may not be having much of an idea. Although there is no rocket science involved in almost anything related to internet but you are one of those who are not comfortable asking for something they do not know or understand. If this is the case then perhaps it is still not too late. Among a few things you do not know about internet and particularly electronic mailing, the opening of attachments may happen to be one. If you know how to log in and check a normal email then you can consider yourself very much close to learning another thing about emails. This article guides you on opening attachments in yahoo mail.


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    If you are familiar with logging into yahoo that will not take more than a minute so make sure that you are logged in.

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    As you will access to your Yahoo mail account, you will see the there is a message in your inbox sent by someone.

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    Upon clicking on the inbox, the email will open showing the name of sender and subject. Look for the attachment button as indicated in the image and click on the button.

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    After clicking on the attachment button, you will be asked for a few options as mentioned in the image. You can see images, download them or can have a slide show.

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    If you will click any of the buttons, you will have the pictures displayed on your computer screen as shown in the image.

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