How to Overcome Fear of Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters are one of the best and popular rides in amusement or modern theme parks. They consist of a track that rises or declines in a designed pattern. In some part of the ride, there are vertical loops which turn you upside down for few seconds. Most of these rides have multiple cars connected together like a train. Some of roller coasters are not even in complete circuits but are like shuttle exhibit. You even have to wait several minutes or hours in line for this amusing ride.

However, there are several people who are scared of riding on roller coaster rides. They are scared because of fear of heights, fear of accidents or fear of tingling feeling in your stomach when experiencing high speed and steep drops.

Things Required:
– An amusement park ticket


  • 1

    Fear of getting stuck upside down on a loop

    You need to revise your science especially physics knowledge in order to get rid of the fear from getting stuck in the middle of the roller coaster on a loop. In addition to the electrical power, roller coaster requires force of its movement to go from starting point to the ending point.  If accidently your roller coaster stops in the middle of the rid or on a loop then there is no need to panic as the force of gravity will push it backwards and down the hill.

  • 2

    Look forward while taking ride

    You need to keep your eyes open in order to reduce your fear while taking this amusing ride. Remember to not look on the track but look in front.

  • 3

    Give yourself an illusion of driving the roller coaster

    In order to remove the stress and fear, you can pretend to control the roller coaster. In this way, your concentration will divert in steering the roller coaster and not the fear which is holding you back.

  • 4

    Try smaller roller coasters

    Try to overcome your fear by sitting on the smaller roller coasters first. Climb your way from smaller to huge roller coasters. When you are going up in the roller coaster, don’t look down as you will get scared.

  • 5

    Don’t stare at the roller coaster

    When standing in line for a huge roller coaster, do not look at the structure and concentrate only on the fun you will be going to have.

  • 6

    Make up your mind and do it

    Have a strong faith in yourself and make a commitment to ride on the roller coaster. Remember you don’t have to ride it again in case you fail to have fun in it.

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