How to Play Netflix Through Your PS3 System

Netflix is a great online movie club that there is. You can see all the movies you wish just for ten bucks a month through your PS3 system, your Wi-Fi, on your computer, through your Apple iPhone, your Apple iPad and your Apple iPod Touch. It is simple to play Netflix through your gaming system, but the very first time can be very confusing. In order to get this service, you will require a PS3 system, wireless internet, a television and an account with Netflix. There are a lot of ways to play Netflix through your PS3 system with good effect.


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    Visit Netflix’s website

    Go to and make an account with Netflix. You can see all the Netflix movies you desire for ten bucks a month. You can also get new releases through the mail if you pay an extra two bucks. Remember that you will require your debit or credit card, your address and an email account to sign up. You will have to write your username and password down for future reference so that you can retrieve it if you ever forget it.

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    Switch on the console

    Turn your PS3 on and let it display on your television. You will need to press the input on the TV remote to get to the HDMI port you have your PS3 hooked up to. You should be aware of this process, if you normally play video games on your gaming console.

    You will see that your system already downloaded Netflix into your system and it will show on your screen. However, wait and do not click on Netflix as you are not prepared to play movies through your PS3.

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    Sign up

    Grab your remote control and click your screen right over to the left where you sign into your console. Click on the sign-in name and sign into the PlayStation network. After this, you can watch movies through your system. Remember that you will endure a difficult time signing into your Netflix account by clicking on Netflix and signing in with the PS3 system.

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    Find the Netflix and click on it to see your desired movie. Also, you will need to manually sign-in through Netflix account. You can do this by clicking on the X on your remote controller. If you want to pause, you can press X again. You can enjoy and have a great time by watching movies on Netflix.

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