How to Pluck a Turkey by Hand

Turkey meat has loyal consumers who love for its rich flavour and juicy flesh. The consumption of turkey meat gets a boom on the Thanksgiving day when nearly every house prepares its own turkey feast and gathers together for a hearty meal. Plucked and cleaned turkeys are available in the market in fresh and frozen form. However, a large number of people still prefer to pluck their own turkey and give it the right amount of attention. With a few tips, this is a very easy job to do.

Things Required:

– Thick rubber gloves
– Large washtub (or similar container)
– Large pan
– Butter knife


  • 1

    Take a large pot. Fill it with water, sufficient enough for a good dip of the turkey. Now place it on heat and bring the water to boil. Pour the hot water into a large tub that can hold both the turkey and the water.

  • 2

    Wear your kitchen gloves now. Hold the turkey by one leg and give it a good dip in the boiling water. Hold it there long enough for the feathers to be drenched in the water. Move the turkey inside the water so that all parts of it get wet. Just make sure that your hands do not come in contact with the hot water or the tub. Do not keep the turkey in the water for more than ten seconds.

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    The dip in hot water softens up the feathers and fur for plucking. Take out the turkey and place it on a slab. It is better to cover the surface with newspaper or rag to hold the discarded feathers and prevent them from littering the place and start plucking the turkey feathers by hand.

    Pay special attention to small feathers under the legs and wings which may be oblivious to the eye. Take handful of the feathers out. After you are done with the large feathers, clear the smaller ones. It is better to take out the larger feathers when the skin is warm as they are the hardest.

  • 4

    Do not attempt to grab a lot of feathers in a single attempt as the yanking can cause the turkey skin to tear. After you are done with the plucking, run cold water over the turkey to clear off the remains of the feathers. The turkey is now ready to be cooked into a delightful dish.

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