How to Plug a Macbook into A TV

Anyone who has used a MacBook will surely tell you that the experience was nothing short of great. Be it the performance of the Apple-manufactured computer or its display, MacBook has set a very high standard.

However, the only serious drawback that one can find in a MacBook is its thirteen to fifteen inch screen. The small size of the screen makes it really inconvenient for the users to share videos or pictures with a large group of people.

Fortunately, you can connect your MacBook to your TV and get the display on the big screen.


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    The first thing you need to do before you plug a MacBook into your TV set is to decide the plug you want to use to connect both your devices. You will find yourself choosing between a fair bit of options, namely a DVI cable, a HDMI cable, a VGA cable or an S-Video cable. It is important to note that all four plugs will only get you video, but no sound. In order to get sound, you will need to use an RCA adapter and cable. Visit a nearby computer shop and purchase the proper converter and cables that are required for successfully connecting a MacBook with a TV. Typically, you will need to buy a mini DVI adapter irrespective of which plug you choose to connect the two devices.

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    Once you have gotten your hands on a mini DVI adapter, plug it into your MacBook.

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    You would have surely made up your decision about the cable which you intend to use to connect the MacBook with a TV. Plug the cable that you have chosen into the mini DVI adapter’s output.

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    Plug the other end of the cable that you have connected to the mini DVI adapter into the TV.

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    Switch on your TV and use the remote to select the channel for the port to which you have connected the MacBook.

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    Now turn on your MacBook and press the Apple logo located on the menu bar on the desktop. Navigate to “Display” in “System Preferences.”

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    Once you have reached the “Display” section, click “Mirror” to mirror the display of your MacBook on the TV.

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