How to Fix PS3 Red Screen of Death

So you have jailbroken your PlayStation 3 console, began calling yourself a hacker and grinning over how you beat the system. Sony’s security measures were nothing and you basked in the glory. That is before the red screen of death befell upon you and prevented you from playing your favourite games.

Suddenly, jailbreaking the PlayStation 3 was not such a great idea. However, there is no need to be alarmed as there is a simple fix for the problem, albeit a slightly tedious and time consuming one.

Things Required:

– A PC or Laptop
– An internet connection
– The ability to follow instructions


  • 1

    The first step involves starting up your laptop and opening up a web browser. Any web browser should be fine as it is up to you which ever one you prefer.

  • 2

    Open up the Google home page, or if you have Google Chrome then simply type in ‘PlayStation 3 firmware update’.

  • 3

    A number of links will open up. From here look for the official PlayStation website. It should not be too hard to find and depending on which region you are in, the updates most relevant to you should be closer to the top.

  • 4

    Download the update on the USB. You will have to create a special folder for that on the USB. All of the instructions for that will be given on the website and may change over time, so it is best to listen to what Sony has to offer. Be sure to follow all the instructions given.

  • 5

    Once the update has been downloaded to the USB, turn on the PlayStation 3 and carefully plug the USB into the port.

  • 6

    Navigate to the system update icon to the far left of the cross menu bar and press ‘X’ or ‘O’ depending on your region.

  • 7

    A number of options will come up. From here choose the ‘update via USB’ option and begin the update process.

  • 8

    This will remove the jailbreak and replace it with the Sony update. It means a loss of all your jailbreak applications but it does also mean that the PlayStation will begin functioning again on the original firmware.

  • 9

    If the problem persists then it would be best to contact Sony customer support and see if they can assist you in your problem. Be sure to tell them everything that you did and hopefully they can assist you in fixing the issue.

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