How to Position Zinc Plates on Boats

If you own a boat and are concerned about the rust that builds up on different parts of it, then you should consider positioning zinc plates in some of the sensitive areas of the boat. Your boat has to spend most of its time in water, which in turn, expose its metal parts to rust. That is the reason why zinc plates are placed in such parts. They attract rust and protect the metal parts. This increases the overall life of your boat.


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    Positioning zinc plate at the underside of the propeller

    First of all, you need to check the underside of the prop installed on your boat. You will find a zinc plate positioned at the bottom of the motor where propellers turn. The zinc plate will have small rudder sticking out of it, and the size of the rudder will not be more than just 2 inches.

    Here, you should make sure that the zinc plate should be in line with the propellers installed with the motor.

    If you do not find zinc plates installed, then you need to replace the rudder immediately, or else, rust will ruin the underside of your boat’s prop.

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    Positioning zinc plates on trim tabs

    You should also look for the zinc plates on your boat’s trim tabs. They are located right below the propeller of your boat, mounted at the bottom. Trim tabs always remain in water, and are more exposed to rust. Therefore, zinc plates installed on them greatly adds to the longevity of your boat’s bottom part.

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    Positioning zinc plates on boot mounts

    Also check your boat’s boot mounts for zinc plate instalation. If the plates are not present,it means that they have fallen off and you need to install new ones immediately. This will greatly help in reducing rust before it reaches the crucial parts of your boat.

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