How to Pour Garage Footings

Garage footings are also known as stem walls. Usually, they are positioned separately from the garage floor but that does not mean they are less important. Garage footings provided support to the roof and garage walls. You do not have to be an expert to pour garage footings. With minimal training, you can do it in two to three days depending on how big you want the garage footings to be. Garages are normally used for parking cars and therefore, homeowners use ordinary cement to floor their garage. Using a few simple materials, you can get a good looking garage floor.


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    Firstly, you will need to layout the footer by using 24 inch rebars. Place one rebar in each corner and then use nylon string to complete the square layout of the structure. It is recommended to use a framing square to make sure the building’s layout is a perfect square. Make the appropriate changes and draw the layout using a coloured marking paint. Now remove the string and rebars.

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    Now use a pick and shovel to dig the footer 15 inches wide and 15 inches deep. Follow the layout your had marked with coloured paint along the walls of the garage. The quality of the bottom of the footer should also be checked by using a four foot level.

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    Put a 2 sticks wide rebar around the perimeter of the footer. Using rebar chairs, consider cutting two 15 inch rebar crossbars and tie them across the rebar in the footer. Make sure there is 24 inch space between them. Buy a tie wire from your local hardware store and use it to tie the rebars together.

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    Now level all rebars one after the other and use red marking paint to mark the tops of all rebars. Take your time when preparing your concrete. It is recommended to read manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you have achieved the right density. Add concrete onto the top of these red marks.

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    Consider pouring concrete into the footer. Place the concrete around it to make sure until it reaches the top of the rebar with red marks on it. It is important to ensure the concrete does not rise above the rebar heights. Let the concrete dry for about 24 hours before building your garage floor.

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