How to Prepare for a Producers’ Session Audition

Producers’ session audition is the last step before getting a role in a film, TV drama or stage play. If you get a call for this session that means you have been approved by the casting director and now they want you to impress above-the-list crew members.

However, this does not mean that you have got that project rather this session requires you to prove yourself eligible for a particular role. You will face several people in the auditioning room and act in front of the camera.

Be prepared as this session will be your best and probably last chance.


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    Believe in yourself:

    You must realise that you have been called just because you did well in the pre-read. Appreciate yourself and this will prove a morale booster for you. However, do not be over confident as this can ruin all of your efforts. Stay positive and be focused to give your best shot.

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    Avoid doing experiments:

    Yes, you are talented and versatile but producers’ session audition is not the right time to do experiments. You should stick to the material you are comfortable with. However, if producers ask you to perform something else then do not hesitate and show your versatility.

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    Be prepared to face several judges:

    You should know that there will be several people in the auditioning room so do not get confused. Mostly, the producer, director, writer and the casting director sit to evaluate your performance. However, there can be more as there is no infinite rule for this.

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    Wear proper clothes:

    You should be properly dressed for the producers’ session audition. This will help them to look at you as a character. However, make sure that the dress is complementing your overall personality.

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    Be that character:

    Forget about yourself and be that character even before going into the auditioning room. If the casting director gave you some piece of advice in the first audition then you should incorporate that opinion.

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    Bring the script with you:

    You should hold the script in your hands so that you can look at it if your mind goes blank. Do not leave the script behind even if you have memorised the dialogues. Keep “prepare for worst and hope for the best” rule in your mind.

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    Bring a headshot:

    You should carry your pictures and resume to give the jury a detailed introduction.

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