How to Protect Your Garden From Rabbits Naturally

Every garden owner will be well aware of the fact that rabbits can prove to be a big problem. They tend to get into gardens, and ruin all the crops by eating their way through just about everything. At the same time, once they discover that a garden is not protected well enough, they keep visiting it time and time again. Given the rate at which rabbits reproduce, this can prove to be a very big problem in the long run, since they could prevent you from ever having a decent garden. However, it is not difficult to get rid of rabbits in a nonviolent way.


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    Rabbits are afraid of loud noises and sudden movements. This means that if you have a device which moved about, and made some noise, it would help you scare the rabbits away. Pinwheels have proven to be the ideal tools to do this, and most garden owners have one or two small pinwheels placed in their gardens.

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    Whenever you get a haircut, try and save some of the hair. The scent from the hair seems to scare away rabbits, which is why if you tactfully place it, it will help you with your problem. However, the wind is eventually going to blow away all your hair.

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    Placing mothballs all over the garden also seems to work. The smell from the mothballs drives the rabbits away, and they tend to never return to that area. However, once the mothballs melt in the garden, they tend to leave a very bad smell. This is something that drives garden owners away, and prevents them from using mothballs. At the same time, if you have small children you should avoid using this method, since children might mistake the moth balls for mints.

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    Getting a dog and making it camp out in your garden also seems to work. Dogs tend to chase the rabbits away; however, from time to time they will get their hands on one. Given the nature of the dog and what breed it is, it may or may not end up killing that rabbit.

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    Cut up bars of soap and sprinkle its shavings all across your garden. You can also alternatively place chunks of soaps in saucers and place them in gardens. The soap tends to drive rabbits away; however, you may have to sprinkle new soap shavings every few days, especially if it rains.

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