How to Provide Emotional Support During Early Labor

No matter you are a dad, sister, mother or a friend of the pregnant woman, you don’t need to be an expert to provide her some emotional support during early labor. The hormonal imbalance during this period can make a woman short-tempered so you should be there to make her calm and positive.

You should give the impression that you understand her feelings and it is completely normal to have emotional and physical dependence. Mostly, people go for a childbirth class or read a book about this process but you can do it by following some simple directions.


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    Keep her perked up:

    There will be times when you need to put some effort to keep her away from depression. However, do not treat her as a patient rather you should talk to her in the usual manner. Share pleasant thoughts and make her more cheerful.

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    Understand her feelings:

    You must understand what she is going through the most important phase of her life so she needs your support more than ever. Do not argue with her even if she is wrong. Talk politely and make her realise that it’s for her own good. If you are unable to understand the “mood swings” then seek help from an experienced person.

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    Express your love:

    You must make her realise that you love her. It does not mean that you should keep hugging or kissing her all the time rather you can show your love by just a simple gesture. Make sure she is getting proper rest, diet and treatment. Tell her that she needs to preserve energy for the active labor.

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    Stay at home as long as possible:

    Sometimes, people take the pregnant lady to the hospital even when it is not needed. Make sure that you are taking good care of her at home. Tell her that visiting the hospital simply means the restrictions so she should stay at home until labor begins.

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    Stay close to her:

    No matter if she is at home or hospital, you should not leave her alone. Mostly, women want someone around them during labor pain so do your best to comfort her. If you need to go somewhere, do not just vanish rather you should tell her where are you going and why.

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    Let her do what she wants:

    Do not confine her to bed and let her walk, eat or drink if she wants. However, encourage her to take rest during contractions.

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