How to Put Your Best Face Forward

You must have heard the expression, “Putting your best face forward”, but do you know what it means?

It means that you start believing in yourself and as to how you can bring about changes to the world. In every expression you make, from a smile to a scowl, you should always put forward your best face, the most genuine one.

You must understand how your face can never be the same as that of any other person. Even identical twins have distinctive faces, so whenever you put your face forward, it’s always unique – and you should make it count.


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    Know that the face you have is perfect for you and this world. There are many who believe that they are not good looking, but that is not the case. Marketing gurus, working in their specific fields, want you to believe that there is a perfect look as they showcase models who use makeup.

    But who determines whether it is the perfect look?

    The truth is; they simply try to lure you into buying their products, making you believe that once you buy them, you will be able to achieve the perfect look. In reality though, these products are not mandatory.

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    Even though your natural beauty is enough to impress, there is nothing wrong in using makeup and lotions. They can help adorn your face. If possible, try to decorate your facial features, making the best of them prominent through proper make up. This will give you the confidence to deal with the world.

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    In order to have a perfect face, simply stand in front of the mirror and don’t judge yourself. Realize how this face has dealt with several issues and has still managed to smile despite the complexities in life. Understand how this face has always taken it on the chin even when life hasn’t really gone your way. This, for you, should be ‘the perfect face’.

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    Try to understand that your face has seen and felt different emotions in life. During your journey there have been storms that have tested you timelessly during certain circumstances. Bless those wrinkles which have become a part of your face, bless them since they would remind you of wrinkles which you have faced in your life. This face should remind you of your success stories and how you have achieved everything in life by keeping your head straight. Your face must be the true reflection of everything you have managed to accomplish throughout your life.

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